Oh Hey.. It's Chloe-Marie Biatch

Basically here it goes:

I'm Chloe-Marie hate me or love me, I really couldn't care less? I tend to live for the moment, and take on life as it comes!

Sooo let me educate you a little about myself....

I enjoy playing on my x box in my boxer shorts, while drinking Stella & eating pizza... Yeah I am not your typical girl...

All my friends are complete bellends, but I couldn't possibly live without them ♥ Any of them!

Yes I am a model & I love it, I am also a full time carer...

Did you know that:


Necrophilia is legal within 30 minutes after the person has died...sexy right?

If your part of those lucky few, i'll talk to you



We're a self-destructive generation Those obituaries will be, Due to excessive boredom, the body gave in, To liver failure and heart disease it seems.